Job hunting in Rural Georgia

If you starting to find a job in Georgia, you might not know which part of the state has the top job opportunities. Atlanta might come to mind quickly or may be the suburbs around Atlanta. Well, just like every state, there are some best parts and bad parts to Georgia when it comes to find a job opportunities.

After analyzing all 600 plus locations in Georgia, we came up with this list as the excellent places for jobs in Peach State:


Woodstock takes the high honors when it comes to the top places to get a job in Georgia.

While the this suburb of Atlanta scored amazingly above average across the board, its unemployed rate ranked as the 9th best in the Peach state. Gather that with powerful prospects for future job growth and you have a winner.


Suwanee ranks as the second top place Georgia when it comes to getting a job.

Suwanee is no stranger to these kinds of lists as it continually ranks as one of the excellent places to live in the country.  In this case, the city ranks as having the 8th best median household income.

It is a perfect location to live and you get paid well.


The 4th best unemployment rate in the state combine with the 3rd highest prospects for future growth earned Alpharetta this spot.

You could also make a case that Alpharetta deserves to the top in the Peach state – it was just held back by a sales tax one percent point higher than the first 3 on the list.

Holly Springs

Holly Springs may be the little place on our list population wise, but it makes a huge impact when it comes to job opportunities.

It beat out the larger competitors on the list by combining a powerful unemployment rate with excellent prospects for future growth.

If its median household income was higher, it could have even location further up the list.


Duluth ranks as the 4th best place for jobs in Georgia.

Its proximity to Atlanta offers residents with best access to jobs as it ranks as having one of the lowest employment rates in the state.

It too has been ran ked by Forbes and BusinessWeek as a best place to live, which only adds to the fact that the jobs are rich.

Peachtree City

Peachtree city takes the 5th overall spot for the top places to get a job in Georgia.

While its unemployment rate could not keep up with the locations higher than it on the list, Peachtree city can definitely play with the huge boys when it comes to median household income. It ranks as having the 6t highest in the state.

Sandy Springs

Placed north of Atlanta, the city had powerful marks for future job growth and unemployment rate.

Sandy springs is another peach in the peach state when it comes to finding jobs.