The Foundation Stone – Page 1

Management Resumes must be clear, concise and keyworded with relevant ‘Buzz Words’ that specifically correlate with the Senior roles one is targeting. Page 1 must be engaging, creative and enjoyable to read. The ‘Buzz Words’ that are inputted into the text need to be researched properly, in order to fully guarantee a positive response from any HR Manager, CEO or Board of Directors that will be evaluating your application.  It must also communicate your talents at training, leading, hiring, and managing employees, and where applicable, your innate ability to drive business forward and create a profitable culture within the company.

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"As a Senior Operations Manager I knew too well my 5 page Resume was simply a disaster. Sean worked with me to edit it down, rewrite it and get it under the 2 pages. The results speak for themselves. I got 2 interviews next week"
James Reilly - Atlanta
Senior Operations Manager
"As a Site Manager for offshore Projects, I have a huge array of individual projects that make my Resume hard to follow and too long. Sean was able to do his magic on it and I am now seeing much more positive results. Thanks Sean for all your hard work"
Leroy Connor - Marietta
Site Manager/Foreman

The Engine of the Resume – Page 2

Page 2 should be utilised to go down through your job history and education, reinforcing every aspect of the content on Page 1, whilst leaving no doubt about your suitability for the role. If the length, format, tone or design is not of an exceptional quality, then you can forget about being called for the interview.  When you are applying for any managerial role, you must understand that your Resume will be judged to a higher standard than a non-managerial role. In my 6+ years writing stand-out resumes, I have completed more than 500 Managerial Resumes that were targeting Senior roles across America, the EU and the Middle East. You must understand that a sub-standard resume will do you immense damage. Nothing but a perfect document will suffice.



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