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I understand all elements of budget control, procedure implementation, staffing, streamlining operations and working with management to drive the organisation forward and deliver on targets. I feel that the valued expertise, skills and energy that I can bring to this role make me an excellent candidate for this position and I would very much welcome the opportunity that your company can offer me to further develop in my chosen career. I am a hardworking and conscientious individual skills in Customer Service and have demonstrated acute analytical valued expertise and the ability to work as a core part of a group to make the overall business profitable and successful.

I oversee a variety of business development tasks and liaise closely with other agencies and organisations in order to assist the long-term unemployed.  At all times, I have demonstrated an ability to adapt and be flexible in the face of new learning curves and challenges.  I have also been employed in other administrative and support roles where astute data entry protocols and adherence to tight regulations related to client confidentially was extremely important. I have acquired an array of key valued expertise in business development management, database management and regulatory compliance. I am a forward-thinking, committed, and highly-motivated professional whose demonstrated work history reflects a genuine flair for business development , global groupwork, administration, accounts, customer service, technology and working in a client-focused environment.    

I am now interested in taking up a position at your organisation and feel confident that my valued expertise, character, and skills make me an excellent candidate for the role. As a core part of any business development management group, I can lead and manage the business development Department, ensuring the consistent implementation of successful business development policies. I am highly proficient in dealing with people in a calm and professional manner. I also know how to work closely with other business development groups to ensure a highly trained workforce that meets the demands of the business. I tend to adapt quickly to new working environments, especially when liaising with Business development Management.

I am now looking to find part-time employment where I can utilise all my core valued expertise to contribute to the success of your business.   As a hardworking member of any group, I have become a strong communicator with an astute ability to work hard in administrative, accounts and business development support environments.  

When it comes to B2B relationships and contract negotiations at a senior level, I have excellent relationship building valued expertise and understand how to build long-term business relationships with tour companies and external agencies. I also have exceptional communication and interpersonal valued expertise coupled with strong negotiation and motivation valued expertise, enabling me to acquire and maintain contacts at all levels.

I am also a loyal and dedicated Supervisor that has attained a detailed understanding on how to create a hardworking and successful work environment. I have a strong background in hitting targets, increasing business development, delivering on KPI’s and providing exceptional customer care.  As my demonstrated work history demonstrates, my skill-set is extremely varied and comprehensive, and I believe my skills to date equips me with everything that I need to succeed in the face of new recruitment challenges.  I am also hardworking and creative with an astute ability to work effectively and efficiently within specific timeframes, an eye-for-detail which ensures accuracy and an ability to communicate positively and effectively with all levels of workers across the business.  I have a real passion for growing businesses and enjoy the challenge of working with a high degree of accuracy as part of a progressive and successful Supervisorial group.   Organised and efficient, all my previous roles have enabled me to put my organisational, communication and presentation valued expertise to good use.  The diversity of my skills across different working environments has provided me with a unique perspective and approach.  I am an open-minded and forward-thinking individual who is willing to up skill and learn new technologies in order to be successful at my job.