Sales Jobs in Georgia and Styles of Writing and Keywording for ATS

Having supervised and managed workers, I am an skillsd people-Supervisor, with an extensive employment history in international business environments.  My current and previous roles have also helped me to develop strong interpersonal and communication valued expertise, and the ability to liaise confidently and effectively as part of any senior management group.    All my previous roles have given me the ability to communicate complex business development, business development management to ensure processes are in place.  As a fast learning and hardworking person, I understand how to be a hardworking and creative member of any management group, finishing projects on time and in line with expectations.   As a core member of any group, I have an astute ability to work effectively and efficiently within specific timeframes, an eye-for-detail which ensures accuracy and good record-keeping coupled with an ability to communicate positively and effectively with co-workers, senior management and clients.

In my current role as a Client-services rep, I am employed as a core part of the Business development and Customer service group, driving business, serving clients and promoting store cards and special offers in order to increase turnover.    Through working in several group-orientated environments, I have become a strong communicator with an astute ability to work hardworkingly as a core member of a group. I am also acutely aware of the importance of client confidentiality and following all protocols and procedures related to GDPR and data entry.  My skills to date has provided me with an array of valuable transferable valued expertise including strong communication, business development, customer service, leadership, and being highly organised.   As a hardworking and valued worker, I am a strong believer in placing the customer needs first at all times.  Throughout my career in Client cantered roles, I have utilised my extensive customer service and business development skills in order to ensure the long-term success of the business I am working for.  As a hardworking worker with a long history of successful employment, I have always worked as a core part of a multi-disciplinary group, and I understand how to work with seniority to implement company objectives and streamline operations.